How to ask a guy that i like out on a date?

Asked: How to ask a guy that i like out on a date?

Ok so here's the story:

i met a guy at a party a few weeks ago who liked me. We've only met once and we talked very little. He's a very down- to earth guy, i liked him more for his personality. At the end of the party he just looked straight and deep into my eyes and said "it was really nice meeting you". Its like he was trying to figure me out, i've never felt that way over someone. I'll never forget it, and i've not stopped thinking about him for the passed three weeks.

To point out, he's a shy Japanese guy on a working visa, (not here permanently) and his english is sort of at a intermediate level. I wanted to meet him again,so i added him on facebook and i said hi. He responded and said "im glad you found me!"
So i messaged him and started a little conversation about a subject that he liked, and he replied back and he did ask how my day was going. Again, He did ASK how i was, so he was expecting a response from me.

His english wasn't that great, and Although he gave me long response, he wanted to mention more about it but he said that its complicated to discuss and summarize on fb in english and even in Japanese.

When i responded, i gave him a long response too but because i'm aEnglish speaker, and i just love to write -_- i think i sounded like a smart aleck and a bit controlling. I was helping him out, and sort of giving him advice to the message he sent me. I had no intention of appearing smarter than him. In the end, I hinted that i wanted to meet him again so we can talk more, and that his writing and english was exceptional too and that i'd like to hear more about what he said, since he said "its difficult to explain". Its been 5 days, but he hasn't responded. I think he felt intimidated by the way i wrote and i scared him off therefore he probably feltuncomfortable or too embarrassed to message back because of his own english level.

and being at the age i am (i am 21 light skinned female and he's a shy Japanese 30 year old) I i think i pretty much made him look stupid and hurt his ego and confidence.

I know he likes me, cause during the party, he wouldn't stop staring and smiling at me; he was sticking to me like glue and laughing at everything i say, and enjoying my company.
I'm such an idiot and a fool, and i thought this was my chance to get to start a relationship I've been single all my life) know someone but i screwed up icon sad How to ask a guy that i like out on a date?

Is this a situation that can be fixed?Regardless of whether he still likes me or not, i still want to apologize and ask if i did anything wrong. Would it be the best thing to do if i apologize or would it make me look even more dumb or desperate? Do you think he'll give me chance and still like me? If i do apologize, what should i say? can i ask to meet him?

Please help me..i'm looking for serious answers, and i would really really appreciate it.


How about going up to him and asking?

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