How To Approach Women With Compliments.. The Right Way

rejected How To Approach Women With Compliments.. The Right Way

Maybe you’ve heard it said that you should never approach a girl and start complimenting her immediately. In fact, you may have heard you should wait until she’s already attracted to you before you compliment her at all. Well, as a general rule this is good. Why? There’s actually a few reasons:

1. Most guys approach beautiful girls with a compliment. By doing the same you become “the next guy” and do nothing to set yourself apart.

2. Since most guys do approach girls like this it gets boring. The more attractive a girl is, the more bored she is with this approach.

3. Women enjoy compliments much more once you get to know them a little and can show appreciation for their inner qualities as well.

However! There are some exceptions to this rule:

compliments How To Approach Women With Compliments.. The Right Way

1. If the girl has already shown that she’s attracted to you. Maybe she smiled, said “Hi.”, and held eye contact. Go ahead and tell her she’s cute.. she’ll love it.. because she’s attracted to you.

Just make sure you immediately and straightforwardly start finding out if she has the qualities you want in a woman. She’ll appreciate the fact that you’re a man with standards and so will you in the long run.

2. If you give the compliment, but then immediately disqualify yourself or start qualifying her. This is known as push-pull.

So, you might tell her she’s cute and then say “You’re not really my type though.” Or you might follow your comment by asking her if she can sing.. because you only date girls who can sing (you’re being funny, btw).

This is how you can compliment a girl, but then immediately remove the compliment in a fun and teasing way that removes discomfort, creates a playful atmosphere, and amps sexual tension. Try it!

3. You are extremely confident as reflected in your body language, vocal tone, and responses after the approach.

If everything about you says that you are cool, confident, and have options with women you can feel free to walk up and tell a girl how cute she is. Just be ready to transition into something else to relieve the tension.. Start qualifying her to find out what she has going on besides her looks, for example.

David Gideon

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