How to approach graduate student dating?

Asked: How to approach graduate student dating?

Here is my current situation: there is a graduate student that I have an initial attraction to; I am an undergraduate student (4th year). He seems cool, smart, and I think once we talk more, we will be good friends. The hesitation I have is that we work in the same department and I think I should try to remove all thoughts of potentially dating him. I haven't dated anyone in a long time as I am very focused on my studies and preparing for graduate school myself. I also have guarded myself because of past two relationships that didn't go well. However, I feel like this attraction is sparking a curiosity and I hope it doesn't affect my work environment. I am being more logical than emotional about my current feelings.

Essentially, this is similar to relationships between coworkers. I don't think there would be a policy interference with my school because he is not my T.A. and I'm not being advised from him for a class or project. I do not know if the dynamics of dating a graduate student will be different. I don't know if I should put my thoughts to rest? The only good thing is that we are in similar career fields and we could learn from each other during the time we both work on our respective projects.

Any advice? Thoughts?


Guys love when women make the first move see we are moresimple minded than.women.just walk up and say hey ! What are you doing later? And he will say idk really or anything.Then you say cool do you have aphone? Then he willsay.yea sure the number is blah blah blah.There you go simple

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