How good/bad is my 2012 fantasy football team?

Asked: How good/bad is my 2012 fantasy football team?

QB Drew Breese
RB Tony Gerhart
RB Beanie Wells
WR Brandon Marshall
WR Jeremy Maclin
TE Jacob Tamm
FLEX Antonio Brown
D/ST 49ers
K Matt Prater
WR Santonio Holmes
RB Shane Vereen
QB Josh Freeman
RB David Wilson
RB Deangelo Williams
RB LaGarrette Blount
RB Rashad Jennings


Honestly, pretty weak. Brees at QB is a no brainer, but Toby Gerhart and Beanie Wells at RB is terrible. Gerhart is nothing more than a handcff to AP, and Beanie Wells is not even guaranteed to start if/when he's healhy. I do like Marshall this year, and Brown is a good play. Tamme may have a good year, but who really knows? As for your bench, the only value I see is Blount if Doug Martin gets 4injured, same for David Wilson.

Overall, I'd give this team a 5 out of 10. Just far too weak at RB.

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