How do you price your photography?

Asked: How do you price your photography?

Im curious how yall price your photography. I'm pretty good and I love to do photography.I thought of doing it for bear min but I wanna make a living. Im still working on my portfolio.But I know what I love. Might even attend college to learn more.


1- I figure out what my business operation costs are.
2- I figure out what my individual packages cost ME to offer.
3- I figure how much work each package is.
4- I set what I'd like as an hourly rate.
5- I take #1 and divide that by the number of shoots I plan on doing that year.
6- I take #3 and multiply by #4
7- I add up #2, #5 and #6.
8- I take #7 and compare it to others in my market and adjust as needed.

A- Your packages need to cover your business costs like marketing, cell phonem business cards, web hosting, domain name registration …

B- Your package also needs to cover any specific costs assopciated with that package … for example the rental of special equipment, hiring a hair/makeup artist, hiring a model, travel, cost of the final product …

The amounts in A and B were never yours … it;s money that had to be spent in order to MAKE money.

After your business costs and your specific costs then you get to pay yourself but you have to consider ALL the work that the project will represent. For example, a 10 hour wedding is actually 32 – 35 hours of work.

talk with the client over the phone – 15 minutes
drive to the client to sign a contract – 30 minutes
meet the client to sign the contract – 1 hour
drive back from meeting the client – 30 minutes
drive to the rehersal – 30 minutes
attend the rehersal – 45 minutes
drive back from the rehersal – 30 minutes
prepare the gear for the wedding – 2 hours
drive to the bride's house for prep pictures – 30 minutes
10 hours of shooting and driving about – 10 hours
drive home from the reception hall – 30 minutes
backup all files to 3 redundant backup systems – 1.5 hours
post process and sort through the files – 7 hours
order and pickup prints – 3 hours
drive to the client to hand over the final product – 30 minutes
meet the client and go over the images – 1 hour
drive home from meeting the client – 30 minutes
do final paperwork for taxes and so on – 1 hour

And that doesn't even consider time you work on your business that doesn't directly generate revenue like attending wedding shows (40-50 hours per show, I do 3 shows a year so I work 120 to 150 hours unpaid a year), meeting clients that don't sign a contract (2 hours each time), working on your website … so don;t be too impressed if your "hourly rate" seems high, after you factor in all this time working that doesn't generate revenue, it drops drastically.

The important thing is that you cover your expenses, pay yourself a decent rate, don;t severely undercut your market and don;t rate yourself out of your market either.

Good luck.

There are a few things you have to do to price your services so you can stay in business.

* conduct a survey to determine what other photographers in your area charge for their services.Throw out the lowest and highest.
* using those numbers, use this site to see if you can stay in business in your area charging the fees you determine to be the average in your area.

Once you run the numbers, you will see if owning and operating a photo business is even feasible

There are so many "guys with cameras" out there willing to give away there work or charge prices that are to low to sustain a real business that many long time photographers are going out of business right around the time the need extra money to send their children to college or retire.

This is NOT a pretty picture for those just starting out.

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