How do I stand out to someone for marriage?

Asked: How do I stand out to someone for marriage?

I'd like answers from Muslims that would be helpful. Okay. This is embarrassing and might sound ridiculous. lol. But how do I stand out to this Muslim man for marriage? He's really popular especially online, but that doesn't matter but also in the city and college. I know his family. He knows who I am, but I think to him I'm just another Muslim girl. He could have anybody, but I want him to notice me. I'm quiet, but I don't want to like be flirtatious or throw myself on him. We're friends on almost every social network. We've talked. I've complemented him and his writings, but that's it. Also, I don't really want to say anything face to face. I'm so shy. I really admire his intelligence and good heart. I'm willing to risk it! Even if it's not meant to be or he doesn't want me, I still want to try. I might end up in a heartbreak, but I could save myself beforehand. I believe I'm good enough. He might want someone specifically from his country or age, but I don't know. Is this haram or not the way you do it? lol. I wouldn't know. I was raised in the USA, and I have no idea how it works. I live in a no Muslims besides my family community, and this is the first Muslim man I'm interested in. I know it's done different in countries and cultures. But I do know not to date and everything like that. Can you tell me how to do this the halal way or give me some advice? There's probably nothing I can do but hope he approaches me, right? If not, then probably give it up?


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