How do I notify Carol Burnett and Rory Emerald about Tim Conway Jr. without sounding like a kook mys

Asked: How do I notify Carol Burnett and Rory Emerald about Tim Conway Jr. without sounding like a kook mys

Columnist Liz Smith told me she would contact Rick Ingersoll (publicist for Carol Burnett) and Dick Guttman (publicist for Rory Emerald) and give them the heads-up. In the meantime should I contact Gavin de Becker who specializes in celebrity security? I've included some miscellaneous information you might find helpful. Many thanks for your concern and advice.

Gavin de Becker (born October 26, 1954) is a specialist in security issues, primarily for governments, large corporations, and celebrities.


He is the designer of the MOSAIC Threat Assessment Systems used to screen threats to Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, members of United States Congress, and senior officials of the Central Intelligence Agency. Along with the United States Marshals Service, he co-designed the MOSAIC system currently used for assessing all threats to Federal Judges and prosecutors.
He was twice appointed to the President's Advisory Board at the United States Department of Justice, and he served two terms on the Governor's Advisory Board at the California Department of Mental Health.
De Becker is the author of three best-selling books, The Gift of Fear, Protecting the Gift, and Fear Less. The Gift of Fear describes stalking cases where men bother women and is designed primarily to help women who feel threatened by men. He also describes how employers should handle employees who need to be terminated to prevent confrontations. He also deals with issues such as child sexual abuse. He is Senior Fellow at the UCLA School of Public Affairs and a Senior Advisor to the Rand Corporation on public safety and justice matters.
He was the owner of a Los Angeles house at which George Harrison died of cancer in November 2001.
His latest book, Just 2 Seconds, has been described as the essential guide for protectors of at-risk people and includes 5 lessons for people charged with protecting others. It also includes summaries of incidents and near-incidents from the last several decades for training and analysis. Co-authors of the book are Tom Taylor and Jeff Marquart.

Mary Elizabeth "Liz" Smith (born February 2, 1923) is an American gossip columnist. She is known as The Grand Dame of Dish.

On February 16, 1976, Smith began a self-titled gossip column for the New York Daily News. During a 1979 newspaper strike, her Daily News editors asked her to appear daily on WNBC-TV's Live at Five, and she stayed with the program for eleven years. Her exposure on television made Smith a popular figure on the Manhattan social scene and provided fodder for her column which had, by then, been syndicated to nearly seventy newspapers. She won an Emmy for her reporting on the hot hit "Live at Five" for WNBC in 1985
Smith was hired by Fox Broadcasting Company heads Barry Diller and Rupert Murdoch to develop a talk show with Roger Ailes as her producer.
In 1991 Smith, hot off her exclusive interviews with Ivana Trump during her divorce from real estate tycoon Donald Trump, moved to Newsday, where she stayed until 1995. Smith then signed on to the Murdoch-owned New York Post. She worked for Fox News for 7 years and is today on "Fox and Friends."
In April 2005, Smith left Newsday, over a contract dispute. The official discontinuation of her column came after several months of dispute among Smith, her lawyer David Blasband, and Newsday management. Lawyers for Newsday focused on a misstep and refused to renew her contract, the highest-paid in newspaper history. Blasband says, "Yes, Liz missed the date, but Newsday still had four months before the contract ran out." The matter was settled out of court and Smith continued at the New York Post where her column still appears. It also appears two days a week in Variety and in many other newspapers.
On February 24, 2009, the Post announced that the paper would stop running Smith's column effective February 26, 2009, as a cost-cutting measure.

The Tim Conway Jr. Show is a weeknight talk radio program, web streaming and broadcasting throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County, California metropolitan areas at KFI AM 640. The show runs from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Pacific Time hosted by Tim Conway Jr. Conway was famously a longtime host on former FM talk station KLSX teamed with Doug Steckler, then Brian Whitman. After the 2008 departure of Whitman, Conway hosted solo rather than adopting a new co-host. On February 19, 2009, both Whitman and Steckler were special guests on Conway's last show before KLSX flipped the format to Top-40.


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