How do I get her to love me back?

Asked: How do I get her to love me back?

I really love this girl, and we speak everyday. She has told me she doesn't love me the same way, but says that she may date me in a year, when we're older and our education has finished. I don't get what she means by this.. and I'm a little confused. I text her every day, and tell her sweet things that a girl would love to hear. She says that she really admires what I say, and she truly believes I love her. Sometimes, she tells me that I'm still in love with a girl I liked previously, but whenever I try and persuade her I'm not her reaction is simply 'Okay'. She says she really appreciates how much I care about her and she says she might like me in time.. but I think she's just saying it to be kind. I've given her a card, which she said she really loved. I've offered to take her out, but she says she can't as she's got a lot on.

I won't give up, and her friends have told me not to either! Any advice on what I can do to get her toat least feel some sort of love towards me.. even if it meant she only liked me slightly. It would be a start, and I'd really appreciate it.

PS: We're both 15 years of age. Please don't underestimate us because of our age.


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