How do I get a girlfriend……ie how do I make myself more attractive.?

Asked: How do I get a girlfriend……ie how do I make myself more attractive.?

I am turning 21 years old in less than a week and I am still a virgin. I want this to change. I am willing to do a lot of things to make this change. How can I make myself seem more attractive? I have glasses should I get contacts? I am willing to admit that I am not that in shape, I am not fat just not toned, even though I hate going to the gym if it is something I must do than I will do it, just tell me what muscles I should work on. I also believe that there are character traits that I should have, I am reading this book called The Game by Neil Strauss and according to a guy named Mystery one of the best pickup artists if not the best, a guy should possess these 5 characteristics. They are as follows (Alpha-male characteristics) well groomed, sense of humor, connecting w/ people, confidence, social center of a room. I believe I am well groomed I mean I shave, shower and put deodorant on every night, wash my face in the morning, brush my teeth. I am not that funny, I understand jokes and everything but I can't just makeup that many. As far as connecting with people and having confidence and being the social center of a room these seem as whole set of skills within themselves if you have any advice please share. Thanks in advance to the people that will answer.


When you turn 21 get shitfaced and ****..

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