How do can you work out if a guy’s liked you for years and has feelings for you?

Asked: How do can you work out if a guy’s liked you for years and has feelings for you?

sorry it's a bit long….

i remember him when I first met him, he was gorgeous, funny, smart, well read, that was 7 years ago, he was looking down my top and wasn't listening and went red when I had to snap him out of it lol (it was cute really). Over the years we've developed a somewhat close friendship, we hang out at break and lunch, we've got the same interests, we like the same movies, same dark sense of humour, same morals, same personalities. We've never ever swapped numbers which is weird, because we both have everyone elses. I think I should make it known that I'm in a long term relationship and so is he. As you can tell I've liked him since I've met him but thought that he'd never like me in that way, I think he's too good for me. But he's recently twigged I like him, I made it so obvious one day I wanted to kill myself lol- so embarrassing. Since then it's totally been awkward, I see him every day and we have to speak to each other, so hard. I get the feeling he's also liked me for years and I want to know what you guys think, if it's true I can't believe I've missed it. We're an odd match because there's a big age gap, 14 years, personally I can get past that I don't care what people think, I think that's why he's hesitating a lot.
so here's a list of things from recently and over the years that he's done.

from years ago;
he used to give me little free gifts he used to get, like a teddy bear from a company and stuff like that
he used to check me out.
i feel out with all of my friends and he was still a constant,
we always sit next to each other when we're out in a group drinking
if we were pulling an all nighter I'd say i was going to bed and then he'd go
he stared at me from across the room even when drinking, I remember I was standing at the bar and all the boys were dancing and he was looking at me from the dance floor
one of his friends sadly passed and it was a bit suspect and he was asking everyone about what they think happened and he took my advice I gave him.
he takes my advice in life in general
we've never hugged apart from one time a few months ago and I think it lasted a bit longer and was a bit tighter than a normal one
I helped him look for a pet and he bought the one I chose, and loves
he used to be quite an angry kinda guy with a temper but he's mellowed a lot over the years, he's never ever had a fight with me even though I do things to wind him up (not on purpose) but stuff I know he hates.
he remembers stuff about my family even though I don't talk about them that much.

this is now a list of how he's been acting recently since he's found out
he can't keep a convo going
he brought up a joke present I bought him ages ago (1 year) when we were talking in a group (we were talking about dating) he said "I like *said the present*, if you buy me that then I'm yours" I was totally giggling like a fool.
he keeps mentioning the "L" word to people, not about me but like quotes about it
he won't stop staring which makes me blush.
he's got a new phone which I want and he lets me play with it.
i bought him another rude joke present and he hasn't thrown it out lol when normal people would
he's given me a lame, really lame nickname
when I'm talking to other people he watches with a smile
a few weeks after he found out he kept looking at me, the look I can't describe but it was kinda sad, it just cut through me I can't say any more than that to describe it.
he's de-iced my car for me which was so cute
he's been avoiding me a bit
he's blushed infront of me
he stands close to me.
also when he found out I was outside looking up at the stars and he didn't say anything, he stood next to me facing the same way I was looking, and his eyes were really like sparkling like wet, we didn't say anything
we look at each other when we're laughing
i also told him a bit of gossip a few weeks ago, he normally can't control himself and tells people, but this hasn't got out.
he keeps mentioning his age too so I think it's been on his mind a lot.
and he totally checked me out when he was talking to me a few days ago when I was talking to him with a grin on his face.
we bounce off of each others moods too.
he's also been touching my hands "accidently" al ot, which is odd because we've never had contact this much over the years and these past few months it's been loads
what you think? has he liked me forever and I've been stupid? does he have feelings for me? I've always looked upto him and totally adore him, like when I've had a good day with him I can't stop smiling


tooo long :O

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