How can I resolve this situation? Did I make a mess? Sorry,its so long but I really need your opinio

Asked: How can I resolve this situation? Did I make a mess? Sorry,its so long but I really need your opinio

I don't feel good about myself,I m male 21,..there is this dude in my school,he s my friend,not like we re that close but we talk well enough whenever we see each other and we take some classes together,though we re studying different courses,he is in studying Engineering and I m in Physics. Anyway,when we met, he had a girlfriend also in Engineering,same depatment with him. The two of them were my friends,anyway they broke up after a while but I still speak to them whenever I saw them.

Anyway,I started liking this different girl in Engineering so I asked her out without doing some groundwork by asking this dude who is my friend kinda,turns out he too was already asking her out after dumping his ex-girlfriend that I used to see him with..( ….I kinda feel bad that I didn't tell him or just discuss it with him before asking her out because that would have saved me some embarrasment as it was the girl herself who told me that the dude,my friend is her boyfriend.

On one hand,I did not expect he was asking her out because he just broke up with one girl in engineering I.e his former girl whom I knew very well,on the other hand he once warned me oneday when we were talking against same-class dating which was why I came to his class/department only to find him dating the girl I ve been spotting.,On the other hand I kinda knew in my subconscious mind that he was onto this other girl because I ve seen them together but was not sure,.bottom-line is I feel like I should have asked his opinion about asking her out,I dint do that and turns out he was almost becoming her boyfriend, they re together,I haven't spoken to him about it even though we ve seen each other more than a couple of times since then but just greeted each other as we normally would..,I ve not spoken about it because I was too embarrassed about the not telling him before. Was I a bad person for not asking him about it? If so,how do I resolve the situation? How do I talk to him about?

(Sorry that its so long but really need your advice..


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