How Can I Get My Guitar to sound like this?

Asked: How Can I Get My Guitar to sound like this?

So I Want my Guitar to sound like Bad Religion's first album, How could hell be any worse? for my band. So like this and especially like this I Currently use a Fender with a Dimarzio X2N on the bridge and I have 2 amps, a Marshall 210h JVM head, and a 1960A Cab. I Was on the Bad Religion Fan Page Forum and I asked this Question and a Guy who said He was Jay Bentley (The Bands Bass Player) Responded this "there is a very unique story to the recording of that album, as it was divided into two parts. the first recordings were done with jay ziskrout and brett was using a 1976 ibanez artist double cutaway and i was playing a sears 3/4 scale jazz bass. then we ran out of money, jay ziskrout quit and we didn't go back for a few months. brett and i both had our guitars stolen, so when we came back, we had a new drummer (pete finestone) i had a rickenbacker 4000 and brett had a gibson les paul studio (at the time dubbed a "firebrand"). THEN bretts les paul was stolen and he got a washburn A20V… all of these guitars were used on the album, as well as someones borrowed 12 string acoustic guitar… as for amps. brett had a musicman 4×10 cabinet that was being powered by some musicman head and i had a sunn concert head and 2×15 cab for the first part and i have no idea what we used the 2nd time…" Then I asked what type of amp I could use and he said "most crappy old tube amps will do the trick". Then I asked him about the Guitar Pickups and he said he didnt know and when I asked him about the guitar settings he said "everything at 11" which I did not understand. With The Equipment that I already have, What is the Best Way to get that Sound from that album, Especially that song I included (Faith in God) If you can include information or suggestions please do so. Here is where I got the conversation from Please Help


go for nice teacher

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