How can I express attraction?

Asked: How can I express attraction?

This is an awkward question for me to ask, but I'm no longer a teenager and I've never had a girlfriend or kissed a girl. The only girl I ever asked out (and for whom I ever really felt what might have been love for) said no, though admittedly I did not know her that well. I have been worried for a while now that I will die alone (at my present success rate, I'll die without even having kissed). I'm not asexual.

I want to change this, but I just simply don't have a clue. I used to have a passive attitude and hope that I would just happily fall into a relationship, but now I realise that doesn't work. Frankly, I don't even know if I want a relationship; maybe I just want to feel like someone cares for me and is attracted to me, or I just want to confirm myself that having a relationship is still possible.

I was depressed, shy and focussed on other things at that age when people become interested in the other gender, so I didn't go out much and completely missed out on the social training that comes with that stage of life. I'm not so shy anymore, and don't have any problems talking with women I know.

So, basically, is there a way to learn from the beginning? Are there online guides that might be useful? How would I express attraction to a friend, and how would I express attraction to a stranger in a library or nightclub?


Yes!I have learned more than you could imagine from a guy named David DeAngelo.I'm still not fantastic in this area, but it brought me from about 20 rejections in a row without success, then after I started learning about it, to one rejection and one girl who said yes.He covers a lot of different areas too.His emails are free, and he has some material that you "have" to pay for. (look on YouTube for the vids if you don't want to pay)

Also you could look into some of Stephen Erdman's Youtube channel, he does a lot of good things too.

Hey thanks for answering my question! icon smile How can I express attraction? I would say one way to start would be smiling and saying hi to lots of different girls. Be a complete gentleman. Hold the door, compliment her, be very nice! It's so charming when a guy is like that, so do that and then talk/ message/ text some girls. Try to dothat before they do to you! Girls love when the guy is fort to speak up! icon smile How can I express attraction? good luck!!

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