How can I continue to get my ex back?

Asked: How can I continue to get my ex back?

I'm 15 btw, I know it's not too serious, but it is to me. It's actually very serious to me. We dated for 8 months, and we fought a lot. And I mean a loooot. But we had so much fun together, but it wasn't worth the pain we put each other through. We have been broken up for about six months now, and let me tell you, it was rough. I would get so upset when he talked to all my friends (which he did to piss me off. and it killed me.) anyways, our break up was very bad. We would both hangout with eachother's friends behind our backs. (we go to different schools.) anyways, since the breakup, we haven't really stopped talking. The longest we've probably gone without talking would have been about five days.

But about a month and a half ago, he came to me and told me how he missed me. Which came to a total suprise to me, because I missed him so dearly, but whenever I told him that, he would ignore me or he'd say well that sucks. Or something like that, it stung so bad. So it was really a shock when he said he missed me. Maybe it was because I was almost 100 percent over him.. idk.

But lately, we've been talking every day straight. From the morning, until night. And occasionally he'll send me a icon smile How can I continue to get my ex back? and he always says Goodnight Ashley. Like he use to do when we were dating. And he'll call me a few times a week and we'll talk on the phone for an hour or so.

I do really like him and I wanna make it work- but I don't know if I should go straight out and say that. Or should I play it cool? Like I don't really care if I loose him, or if we got back together. None of us have really necessarily talked about getting back together, but I think he's thinking about it as well. He wants to hangout one of these days, we've tried so hard for the past month, but his mom keeps saying no because she's really worried he'll hurt me again.. he's not the best guy, but I was not the best girlfriend.

So my advice is really- how do I win him back 100 percent to being my boyfriend again? We're so mentally attached to each other it's crazy.. we were very serious. Thanks


Just let him go. There is no point for him to return. He can left you one time, that means he will leaves you another time.

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