Hooked up with someone i shouldn’t (update on my last Q)?

Asked: Hooked up with someone i shouldn’t (update on my last Q)?

Ok so to sum up my last Q, a few months ago I started hooking up with a guy, he got clingy, i ended it. And then i hooked up with a friend of his. My last Q was asking for advice on what to do because i really liked his friend.
Ok so update! Since then, the friend and I have been talking/catching up abit. Last time we caught up he told me that the first guy had approached him and said "if anything happens between the two of you, we aren't friends anymore", so he's backed off romantically because he doesn't want to hurt him. Am I the only that thinks that's incredibly selfish, considering I never even dated him?? Im asking for advice again…because despite his threat, his friend is still messaging me and wanting to hang. Its killing me not being able to act on my feelings, and I think he feels the same. Opinions??


I hate that possession crap when people aren't even with them anymore
I can understand not wanting to hurt him though. Just tell him how you feel. Unless your okay with just being he's friend

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