Honest opinions appreciated? Please?

Asked: Honest opinions appreciated? Please?

OK guys, first off I don't want you to be afraid of giving me the "wrong advice" or anything like that. I really need help with this one so any guidance you could give me would be greatly appreciated. I want to hear YOUR point of view on this and even if it doesn't get picked as the best answer, it WILL be valued.

Right so there's this guy (let's call him Jimmy). Jimmy and I dated for a little while and I'm the only one he told about the fact that he cuts and has depression. He broke up with me (very gently I might add) but told me that he still really values my friendship and wants us to keep being friends. I agreed and so we've been hanging out a lot recently and things aren't awkward at all. I still have feelings for him but he keeps telling me he's grateful that we're friends because he has no one else to talk to about a lot of the stuff going on in his life.

And then there's this girl (let's call her Gina). Gina has been a friend of Jimmy's for a while and she's never been that nice to me. When Jimmy's not around, she makes catty remarks about my clothes and my music taste and she once insulted my religion which was incredibly hurtful. But she is Jimmy's friend so I put up with it. Anyway, one night she got drunk, started acting more friendly towards me and told me that she has a crush on Jimmy. Later on, I was talking to Jimmy and he admitted that he kind of likes Gina too.

So my problem is this…If Jimmy and Gina get together, I'm going to be very upset because I still have feelings for Jimmy and Gina has never been that nice to me. But at the same time, I don't want to stand in the way of them being a couple if Gina will make Jimmy happy (and he deserves to be happy, he's a great guy).
I was thinking that if they start dating, I should just stay out of their way. But the problem with that is Jimmy will have no one to speak with about a lot of the problems in his life. Unless he tells Gina…but still, I can't just ABANDON him, can I?
And seeing them as a couple…well, not to sound selfish but I just don't want to put myself through that.

I know this is a complicated one but…
Any advice? :/

Thank you so much for any answers in advance! icon smile Honest opinions appreciated? Please?


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