Homecoming date issues?

Asked: Homecoming date issues?

I'm going to homecoming with this girl that I liked, but I no longer like her. Why? Not trying to be mean, but she is a bit of a whore. I didn't realize this until after I asked her to homecoming so it's too late to turn back. A close friend of mine who had dated her about 2 years ago told me she was a whore but I didn't believe him because the two never got along and I thought he might just trying to be getting back at her by calling her a whore. Many of my other friends keep telling me that she is a whore and it is getting on my nerves. I know now that she is one and can't do anything about it. But my friends keep bugging me about it. What should I do? My friend that told me she was a whore keeps telling me I'm crazy for going to homecoming with her and that I should have listened to him. Advice about whorish girls in general? How should I deal with this big situation?


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