Hmm, should i do this to a girl?? its evil but she and my b/f deserve it.?

Davis Asked: Hmm, should i do this to a girl?? its evil but she and my b/f deserve it.?

when me and my man started dating….. he was cheating on me. after he told me it was over and i thought everything was fine, i found pictures (and videos of this ****) on his computer. PROOF he cheated on me. i recently talked to him and he said he deleted all of it but it was obviouse he didnt b/c i found them again…like so obvious!!! and i just now copied all of it onto a disc and deleted his file. i dont have a prob of him having naked pics of girls but when there pics of proof he crheted on me is a another story
btw she was married at the time to a different guy but thats a longer story. but my question was….. imma post those pics all over her and her husbands house and do some crazy s*** to this girl. is this a good idea… or should i do something eles??? plz help but maybe you should give me better advice ( but i still will use the cd!!!!
and btw she still stalks him and claims hes madly in love with her, which i know he isnt. and this cheating happen a year ago.


Reva Answered:
TOTALLY do it. It's one thing if it was a one night thing and she regrets it and wants to work it out with her husband. But she is still following your ex around like a sick puppy dog. It is not fair for her husband. Totally do it. Oh, and frame your boyfriend! She will think that he did it! Leave a note that is from him in their house with the pictures. Then, she will lose her husband, and your ex will lose her and it is the ultimate revenge! Omg, I wish I could be there when you do it, lol. It will be awesome!
A Answered:
No i have a better idea. Do that, then set up the classic Bucket-full-of-water-on-the-door trap. When they don't fall for it, jump out of the bushes and ******* shock the **** out of her with a tazer.
Amanda Answered:
You hve to let go because karma comes back quick these days. I know you are hurt but it won't make you feel better because after its done the pain of what they done will still longer on. Sweety practice forgiveness and love it will pass because what's done in the dark will come to light
olderwiser100a Answered:
don't waste your time dong something you may end up in jail for.revenge isn't all it is cracked up to know he cheated, he knows he cheated, she knows because she was cheating with him.let it go at that and move on with your life.preferably without him because no matter what he might say, he will do it again, and probably will do it with her.

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