HIGHSCHOOL IS STUPID (mainly the guys)?

Asked: HIGHSCHOOL IS STUPID (mainly the guys)?

all people care about is appearence wtf?
i have liked a few guys this year and last year they tell me they think im pretty but im not a cheerleader or "skinny" enough.
i am 5'2 and im very womanly skinny waist, 36 C i am a size 10in jeans but its because i have a rather large bum.
dont get me wrong there are guys there that think im pretty and think im attractive (im not cocky i have been told) trust me im not cocky i am more of the shy type but only around people that dont know me with friends im funny and bubbly and i am known at my highschool. i dont get why guys only care about slim cheerleaders. im 16 by the way and i have noticed guys in public ask me to hang out or find me attractive they average from the ages of 18- about 25 and creepy old men omg ewww. disgusting. but like i said i do look older when i was 13 people would think i was as old as 18. i still had the same body and in that time i was in middle school they still blew me off for the skinny girls. i never thought straight up and down in a girl is attractive to guys. like i said there are some guys that are attracted to me even the guys at my highschool think im really pretty i just need to" loose weight " i have tried to starve before basically out in the real world does it get better?? will guys like me for me? i havent dated anyone past 18 by the way if your wondering LOL. but does it get better? i recently got my heart broken by this guy i really like cuz i wasnt "skinny" enough. i have been really hurting i have starved multiple times but i dont want to lose weight i think i look fine at 5'2 138 pounds. i dont think im fat but i need advice please help should i lose weight? di people get better in the real world?


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