High School Relationship Advice?

Asked: High School Relationship Advice?

(Sorry for writing a book but not enough people read these days) Alright, so here's the background info: I met this girl halfway through my freshmen year and we were each others"first loves" it was pretty clear that we had a crush on each other from the moment we met which was kind of abnormal at first since she plays sports and is more of a prep, and I play music and am sort of friends with everyone. Despite our different social backgrounds we "fell in love" (putting that in quotes cause I know a lot of people will say that I'm only in high school and don't know what love is, but I really care about this girl, and the feeling I get when I think about her is what I would use to describe what love is). Anyways, a few months after we were getting to know each other, her sister was killed in a car accident, naturally she confided in me and I was always there for her. At the beginning of my sophomore year and her freshman year I finally asked her out, she said yes of course, and everything was great. But sadly our official relationship only lasted about 3 or 4 months. She dumped me saying that the relationship was too much for her to handle at this time in her life and saying I was too clingy (really its just that she did't want to be with me, so it seemed like I was being clingy -for the record- lol). We still talked after we broke up and I was still crazy for her so we were stuck in that relationship where you're friends with someone you know likes you as more than a friend. Everyone told me to move on, and my attempts with trying to get her back weren't working so thats exactly what I did. I started to date another girl and magically she wanted me back (weird timing right?) She admitted that she had the chance to get back together with me and took it for granted which made me feel good, and as much as I loved getting revenge on her for breaking my heart (it was my first break up so I took rough as most people do) I never really lost feelings for her. So I straight up told her I didn't like the girl I was with and that I'm gonna stop seeing her and if that was the only reason she wanted to be with me now she should just stop talking to me. Surprisingly she continued to act affectionate towards me after I left the other girl. This past summer I was sneaking over to her house in the middle of the night and everything was going great, but here's the problem: I ended up hanging out with the girl I dated after her with a group of other friends and there was a picture of us all put on the internet. Ever since that photo was uploaded she started ignoring me (this has happened before so I didn't really care) but now she has a new boyfriend who is a total prep and goodie two shoes (kinda perfect for her) but he's just so fake and I know he doesn't care about her like I do. I tired getting her to speak to me and all she said was that "I hurt her too much for her to forgive me and that she doesn't want me to ruin her relationship" with this new dude she's with now, but how could talking to me ruin her relationship unless she knew that she would fall for me again?I have this feeling were gonna end up together again but I just wanted your advice or input. Do you think she'll come back to me in time? should I keep trying to get her to talk to me like I usually do? This is her first boyfriend she's had since me so I'm kind of nervous she wont come back…any tips on how to get her back? should I just play it cool? (hard for me though icon razz High School Relationship Advice? ) Anything helps, even some reassurance! Thank you.


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