High School Dating: How do I approach this girl?

Asked: High School Dating: How do I approach this girl?

I am a senior in high school and there is this girl who is a junior that I have come to like(at least from a distant view since I don't really know her) I know one of my friends knows her actually fairly well, but I really do not want to get into the he sets us up thing or anything like that, because I think that would be probably pretty weird and that weirdness is exactly what I want to avoid. But the thing is I think she may have at least taken a little bit of notice of me. She is a cheerleader and I usually sit near the front of the student section at the football games, and I think i catch her looking at me sometimes but she looks away. I know this could very well just be wishful thinking but I guess maybe its not? Also I think I have caught her looking at me getting into my car after school. But again this might be wishful thinking. Both at the football games and in the parking lot she is at a distance where I cannot tell for sure if she is looking at me or not.

But anyway as juvenile as this sounds, do you think its possible she could like me, and what would be a good way to approach her? And please don't say "just go up to her" because its not as simple as that. That would be extremely awkward haha. If you're going to say that at least give me some advice what to say? but any other way to approach her would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much if you took the time to read this, and your answers are greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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