Help with this girl! Need some advice?!?

Asked: Help with this girl! Need some advice?!?

Ok I'm going to try and make this short as possible. I'm a 16 year old guy. 2 years ago this girl and I became friends. She is honestly one the prettiest girls I've met and I just really like everything about her. I can't see her as being hot or sexy, like she's different and is more on the beautiful side. Kinda hard to explain but yeah.

A year went by of hanging out sometimes and texting a bit. Then we started texting a lot more and hanging out a lot. I really started to like her around then. A lot of small things would happen that got me thinking she liked me too, even my friends were saying it. I asked one of her friends and she said that she was interested in me. I was planning on talking to her about it but then this new guy who was a senior at the time (we were sophomores) started talking to her and apparently she had been interested in him too. So they started dating and have become pretty close. He goes to college now and we're both juniors. He goes to a college right by us so it's not a long distance or anything, but still I've heard college is a completely different experience. They've been dating for 6 months now and it's almost been a year since she said she was interested in me. When we hang out, there's still things she does that just seem like she has feelings for me. Nothing big but it's subtle and almost like she's hiding it, I'm not sure. She still has never known how much I like her.

It's weird when I think about her I never think about wanting to have sex with her or anything. I just want to hang out and do fun stupid little things like watching movies or walking in the park with her. Sounds weird but Ive never felt like it before.

Can I have some advice on what you think I should do? Should I keep waiting it out or forget about her. Forgetting about her would not be easy. At all. Because i don't know if I really want to. Thanks to anyone who read this!


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