Help me out for my bye week?

Asked: Help me out for my bye week?

It is a 12 team ppr league.

Qb-eli manning
Wr-roddy white
Wr-brandon Lloyd
Wr-mike Williams(bucs)
Rb-lesean McCoy
Rb-jamaal Charles
Te-tony Gonzalez
Flex-Pierre garcon
K-david akers

Alex Green
Deangelo Williams(bye)
Micheal bush (bye)
Brandon bolden
Brandon pettigrew
Brandon Marshall(bye)

Should I keep my lineup the way it is? Please give me suggestions.


Dont change.

Eli is going to get his numbers….
Roddy White should put up good numbers against Oakland…
Brandon Lloyd & Mike Wallace are both #1 WR that you need to start….
Lesean McCoy is a no brainer!!!
Jamaal Charles is going to RUN-RUN-RUN with Brady Quin at QB this week….
Tony Gonzalez is going to get his targets – good PPR start….
Pierre Garcon is quietly having a great season so AWESOME Flex option….
David Akers playing against NYG and will definitley get an extra point or two plus some FG looks…
Baltimore going up against a over-rated Dallas offense…

Good Luck!

Mike Williams IS NOT a number 1 receiver. If you had Vincent Jackson, maybe. I don't like Mike Williams, but for a bye week option, not bad.
yeah keep your line up as is
Keep your lineup exactly the way it is.

Eli – will play a tough 49ers Defense but he has beat them look for 2 TD's maybe 2 INT's
WR – roddy- every week starter
WR – williams – your best bet since marshall is on bye
RB – mccoy every week starter
RB – charles every week starter
TE – gonzo – every week starter
FLEX – garcon – best bet for know dont expect huge numbers RG3 maybe out
K – akers every week starter
DEF – ravens – romo is turning over the ball like crazy look for plenty of picks fumbles maybe a pick 6

good luck!

your team is absolutely fine

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