Help me by rating my team please.?

Asked: Help me by rating my team please.?

It is a 12 team ppr league.

Qb-eli manning
Wr-roddy white
Wr-brandon Lloyd
Wr-brandon Marshall
Rb-lesean McCoy
Rb-jamaal Charles
Te-tony Gonzalez
Flex-Pierre garcon
K-david akers

Ty Hilton
Deangelo Williams
Micheal bush
Brandon bolden
Jeremy kerley
Brandon pettigrew
Mike Williams(Bucs)

My bench is very weak, but help me with some advice on if I should trade people to improve my bench, or just keep my team intact…I'd really appreciate the help.


Pretty solid line-up. Lacking at RBthough. Charles won't do anything against the Ravens D. Bush is really your only real option and Forte is making a strong comeback and will do the majority of the work tomorrow against a poor Jags D. With what you have I think you're solid. WRs look good, QB good. TE you're good. You need to upgrade for future weeks and get some RBs though. Answer mine?

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