Help! I need advice about renting agreements?

Asked: Help! I need advice about renting agreements?

We live in California. My friend was going back and forth about renting a room from a girl. She was supposed to move in March 1st. A few days ago she let her know she wasn't going to move in anymore (change of hearts as this landlord was making things difficult to begin with).
The problem is that my friend only discussed this stuff with the landlord via facebook messages, she never actually signed anything other than permission for background check. And now 20 days before the said move in date the landlord is saying that it was a verbal agreement and she's going to make a claim against my friend for possible damages and breaking the "verbal agreement". Is this legal? They discussed moving in dates and such but nothing was finalized because nothing was signed.
No payments of any kind have been made.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I cannot find information anywhere regarding a similar matter.


If she didn't sign anything, she is under no obligation to move in.LL is SOL.

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