Help? I don’t know why I feel this way?

Asked: Help? I don’t know why I feel this way? and my boyfriend (we'll call him M) have been dating for a little over a year now. We are both sophomores in high school. Before you read this – I want to say he is the sweetest person I've ever dated & my best friend beforehand. I really do like him.

Homecoming is coming up, and we are going together of course, but M was wondering if I wanted to go with his group of friends since we couldn't figure out what we were gonna do. Last time M barely talked to me, and I felt really awkward and alone when we went with this group, even though they are my friends too but still..I just feel awkward because I know me & him will barely talk cause he'll just focus on his friends and I'll be a leftover
Also – a month before we started officially dating, I was dating someone else which was a big mistake..& I wanted to know that M didn't keep his heart set on me while i was dating someone else & maybe think of another girl he liked & he said he liked this girl (we'll call her E.) So even though i dumped the past bf (he used me) & gottogether with M, I never forget that moment when m told me he liked E. It did hurt me. Even though he denies that he even liked her..I just feel like a part of him still did&for some odd reason, I just feel like that girl hates me. Plus..I can see them dating.. even if I try to get social with her, she just seems impossible to talk to. E is in that group btw. she can be really nice to me, but she just gives off this bad feeling.
I feel bad that I don't want to go with his friends, I feel like I should just not go with a group and just meet him there. I want M to enjoy his time with his friends (mine are going in groups with their boyfriends by themselves..which idk why we aren't doing that, because before hand he said we would since we couldn't do ANYTHING for our one year.) I'm just feeling down about it..I know it sounds stupid..but its also like I'm sure my M's parents will like that idea..but I just don't want to say anything and be a downer. Any advice…?


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