He says he loves me but wants to break up with me?

Asked: He says he loves me but wants to break up with me?

My boyfriend just broke up with me last night and its so out of the blue, please help me with you advice cause I don't know what to do.
So Ive been dating this guy for nearly 4 months now- we have had a great relationship with only a few fights, and everyone says (even my parents that I tell everything to) say we are perfect together. Only last week we went on a really fun and romantic holiday where many times he told me he loved me. And last night it was so weird cause he came to me and said I want to break up- I didn't realize that he was under so much stress to see me and make his family happy (as they pressure him to see them more). He said that he can't handle the stress, that he still loves me, but dosnt want to have all the pressure…. and I guess I have just the last few days been putting lots of stress on him wanting him to see me as I too have been put under a lot of stress. I am his first real girlfriend, and I know he is not experienced in relationships. We are both in our 20's..
I want to make this better between us, and I really do feel like it was one of those situations where we just didn't communicate our feelings together.
What should I do? Should I give him some space so he dosnt feel "drowned" by me, or should I try to talk to him asap to try to sort things out (cause I know he does love me-but just can't handle all the pressure).
He is a really good guy.
Please help me!


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