He is the most incredible boyfriend and i love him…yet he says were too different and wants to bre

Asked: He is the most incredible boyfriend and i love him…yet he says were too different and wants to bre

Been with my boyfriend for a year. Two months ago we were pretty good. Everything was happy and we were loving so much. Now he says were too different? We both knew we wanted to marry each other and have a family. He was such a gentleman. He always opened doors for me, kissed me lovingly, told me I was beautiful and we flirted constantly. He always held me when I cried and we could talk about anything together. He's an RN at a hospital and I work at a bank. He cooked for me for our first date. He always looked at me so lovingly and said he was so thankful and blessed that God brought me into his life. He promised he'd always protect my heart and that as long as I want him, he'll be hee for me. He always believed in me and encouraged me constantly. He loves kids and the kids at his church adore him. He's such a great Christian man and we would pray together. He said that he can see us married and we both saw us marrying in the future. I still want him to be with me. He claims our future goals are different. He wants to get his BSN in nursing. I told him I'd support him every step of the way. I've been praying hard for him to understand that god brought us together for a reason. I love him so much. Any advice?


You didn't really give enough details on what the problem actually is but you can't force someone to love you if the love isn't there anymore maybe he feels that the relationship is lacking all you can do is ask him what you can do so you can move forward together and try to fix things unfortunately it may be time for you to go your separate ways,maybe this isn't the person that God destined you to be with.

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