He has a gf but tries to make me jealous and when I talk about my guy he gets jealous. I’ll answer y

Asked: He has a gf but tries to make me jealous and when I talk about my guy he gets jealous. I’ll answer y

Hey icon smile He has a gf but tries to make me jealous and when I talk about my guy he gets jealous. Ill answer y So, please read all. I've known this guy for almost two years now, we're really good friends. And i met him at camp, then i just decided to add him on facebook. So we started talking, then he liked me but i didn't, then i did and he didn't, then we both did and we had a thing for about three months. Then we didn't see each other because we couldn't drive, he only lives forty five minutes away. Then one day we planned to go to the movies and i bailed on him because my friend couldn't come (my mom told me that i could go alone, but i was too shy).

Then.. it faded and he moved onto some other girl, they dated, lost his virginity to her, regrets it now. They broke up, now he's with a new girl. They've been dating for almost a year. He looks really happy with her but, i'll explain some things to you guys that's confusing me. So, when we talk, he brings up his girlfriend a lot, and when i ask how they're doing, he goes on and on saying she's so beautiful and i should by jelly, and trying to make me jealous all the time!! And when i bring up a guy, he gives my amazing advice, but then he seems jealous.

At one point i said i met someone and he was like Really? Who? Asking if we kissed before, and i said we did a while ago but it was awkward.. then he said it would be again. And ever since i told him that, that was the last conversation we had, and he didn't talk to me for like more then a week. And that's rare because he usually always say hi almost every night. We talked a couple days ago though, i said hi. . And i don't know, he just goes on and on about how much money he spends on her and what he bought her for her birthday and i don't know.

Always seems like he's trying to make me jealous. And at points he calls me "Loser :p", my friends think that's flirting. Like let's say i said i'm gonna watch a show because i'm bored, he callama me that. And sometimes we have funny convos like "k" "kk" "ya" "nope" "yup" "mhm" "nuh un" LOL.


Well from what you've explained it kind of sounds like maybe you're taking his interest in your relationship as jealousy. I think he's just trying to make conversation with you as a friend. The reason why he seems jealous is because if at one point you liked someone, there's gonna be a little tiny feeling there for a looong time lol. He probably just doesn't know what else to talk about since you guys have made it a routine to talk about your relationships. I say try not talking to him for maybe 2 weeks and see if he tries talking to you. If he does, don't mention his girlfriend or your boyfriend and see what kind of conversation he strikes up with you. If he asks about your boyfriend, ask him why he wants to know so much about him.
Alot of people can't help themselves sometimes when they really like someone all they want to do is talk about that person or maybe his testing you aswell to see what reaction he gets on how much you care or like him. He doesnt seem jelous of you but he does sound like his flirting

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