Having doubts about my relationship, need advice (10 points)?

Asked: Having doubts about my relationship, need advice (10 points)?

First of all, I'm a guy, and I've been dating this guy for two weeks now. Already I find myself questioning the relationship. First of all, he always takes a while to text me, which makes me think he doesn't care. Also, he posted on fb when he had a break at work but didn't text me. He usually does. Makes me think he's already gotten tired of me. When we're about to meet up I always feel like I have to talk about it a lot or he'll forget. Also some of the doubt is with me. I keep thinking, "if I keep getting upset every time he takes 20 minutes to text me and every time he doesn't text me in his free time, can I really handle this relationship?" I tend to get very clingy when I fall for someone. It's really confusing because I've never felt like this in any of my past relationships. I feel like I should detach myself from the relationship a little, but even typing that makes me feel sick to my stomach. I have a few questions.
1.Am I being too clingy?
2.Does him not texting me when he had the chance to mean that he doesn't really care about me and love me like he says he does?
3.How can I make it so that I don't get so upset over him?
Thanks in advance!


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