Having a young mistress in a loveless, sexless marriage?

Asked: Having a young mistress in a loveless, sexless marriage?

Hey guys, need some advice.

Im 48 years old and i've been trapped in a loveless, sexless marriage devoid of life or happiness for years, i've stayed with my wife because of the kids but our relationship has been dead cold since she cheated on me a decade ago and i lost all trust and respect for her.

I spend lots of time overseas in countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan (5 months per year) for business, and i've started a parallel life over there with another younger woman who can satisfy my desire for companionship, love, and sex.

I've recently started dating a beautiful 21 year old Hong Kong girl who i met through a dating agency and i want our relationship to become more serious. Whatever her reasons for dating an old white guy, money, visa, sugar daddy, i don't care because she makes me happy; and of course the sex is just incredible, something i haven't got from my wife in more than 10 years.

My question being, should i continue to make this relationship more serious or should i treat it as just a foreign fling in another country where no-one will ever find out and not get hurt since she is still young and might see it that way?

Shes already agreed to move in with me, and i im already thinking of marriage, having children, family with her etc.


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