Have I Been Friend Zoned?

Asked: Have I Been Friend Zoned?

met this girl shortly before breaking up with another girl (turns out the ex was cheating :/) and we sort of hit it off. We were ice skating, and I helped her balance and tried to teach her. That night, she added me on facebook. Since the day I got her number, we've been texting almost constantly. The more we talk, the more I start to like her. But, all the drama with the cheater affected me pretty badly. She helped me out of what I consider an all time low so far. But the more we've talked, the more I get the feeling I've been friend zoned. She's confided in me stuff that I'm pretty sure is top secret to most everyone else. She's really nice, honestly attractive, weird but my type of weird, and my feelings are growing for her. She's going through some rough stuff, so I referred her to a song that's helped me through a lot. In return, she "dedicated" a song about being friends to me. I'm starting to feel like a really close friend to her. But I don't want to be stuck in the friend zone. I asked her to my prom before we started helping each other through all this stuff, and she said yes. I'm not sure if I missed my chance or not for something more than just friends. I haven't even gotten to take her on one date. All I really want is one chance. So I need to know if I'm friend zoned. Anyone have advice? Thank you for the help


Id say be a little more direct and ask her out
If she wants to date you, she will. She does not owe it to you because you've been a nice guy. The phrase "friend zone" is pretty degrading in general.
yeah that's a tough one…. you need to ask her out to the movies or something and see what happens. I'm really direct and I can't stand not knowing, and I recommend asking her out somewhere, and while you're there, straight up ask her ifyou are anything more than friends.
Your not friend zoned until she starts asking advice from you for her interest in other guys. Tell her you like her more then a friend I'm sure she'll feel the same way. That's how my gf and i of two years met lol
Have you guys ever flirted with eachother? If so your not friend zoned! icon smile Have I Been Friend Zoned?

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