This was recorded with a Kodak Zx1 Pocket HD video recorder sitting on a table about 4 ft away. There were no additional mics used. The piece is called Hana (Flower) and it is written by Masaaki Kishibe. Check him out here at youtube. I should have held back on doing this piece because I was not done learning it. I never really looked at the ending of this song on the sheet yet, but when I got there I finished it off completely different from the way he does it. The ending I did here just snapped into being. I like it, and I'm keeping it. My ending of it starts at 4:27 9 seconds into video there is a note that I wanted hold a lot longer. And what looks like a long pause much later in the song is really a brain fart from not really having the piece committed to memory yet. Nic Lubbers, a fan of Seagull guitars turned me on to this song. Thank you very much Nic! Oddly enough I found him on youtube because of Seagull guitars but now I play mainly Breedlove American made guitars. Someday when I have extra cash to burn I may pick up a Seagull Artist Mosaic Cutaway Folk QII, just to paid honor to a great bang for your buck guitar company that I enjoyed for so many years. Fingerstyle guys out there you must check them out. This guitar here I picked out over a Taylor 314 after some serious time in an isolated guitar room although I was not looking to buy another Breedlove. I few months ago I picked up a limited edition Breedlove and completely flip out over how great it sounded <b>…</b>

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