guys help! I need advice?

Asked: guys help! I need advice?

I am 26 my bf is 25, he lives with me been dating for 3 years.For the past 5 months, he continues to change and now show any real effort in the relationship.I've tried talking with him and told him how unappreciated I have been feeling.we used to go out to dinner once a month and we haven;t even done that.I have no money and offered to take him to the city and pay for dinner, just to get him to go.he makes twice as much money as I do and I 'm make suck big gestures to dressing upand wearing linguere and cooking dinner.I'm so busy with school and work and I have two dogs, that he doesn't even walk.I told him that I needed more effort from him and his actions needed to speak louder then his words.His words were the same things over and over again. (I'll show you more effort)We have called it quits almost 3 times.I told him I can't go on and that we had to go to couples therapy.He would have left and that would have been it, if I didn't stop him.Should I just let him go.A break up like this would change our whole entire lives.Our families are close and we play billards pool on teams together.He told me we weren't married and that we shouldn't have to go to therapy.marriage is a piece of paper to me.I am extremely affectionate and haven't really received any from him.He just doesn't seem to notice . I have to constantly tell him.we haven't been intimate in 3 weeks, I think.But i feel like I'm losing him more and more and more.Our first meeting at therapy she gave him homework to do something nice for me.He told me he is taking me out to dinner on fri.Thats all he ever comes up with something easy dinner.We don't have kids we can e out of the house for more then a freakin hour.



Hm.. going from my experience: I'd say you'd just need to focus on yourself more. You say you're going to school yea? So focus on getting those good grades :]. Maybe he's just stressed out from all of the work he's doing. The more you pound him with your constant nagging, the more he's going to not want to do anything with you. Nobody likes a ******. Would you like it if the one you loved nagged you constantly when all you're trying to do is calm down and relax a bit? It seems like you want him to be constantly on you but men aren't really like that… Just… stop nagging him and worry about yourself for awhile and if he comes running to you and initiates more things.. then.. he still loves you and wants to be with you. If not, then maybe it is time to get out of the relationship. It seems like he still likes you since he went to couples therapy with you. Good luck! Tone down the nagging and become busy and you might just get somewhere icon smile guys help! I need advice? because then he'll have to work harder again to impress you for fear he might be losing you. Ciao!

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