Guy Advice – what should I do?

Starr Gazer Asked: Guy Advice – what should I do?

There is a guy that l work with who l always catch staring at me (yes he is actually staring at me not daydreaming) he doesnt look away when l catch him, so we lock eyes for a few seconds until one of us looks away. I can turn around from doing something and he is watching me. And l can be in a crowded room and when he enters he looks at me. I get the impression he is quiet and shy, maybe even intimidated by me? He is cute and someone l'd consider dating. I talked with him briefly the other day just to see what he would do and all throughout he smiled alot at me and maintained eye contact. When we're in the vicinity of each other, he looks up from what he is doing to look at me from time to time, as if he can't help not looking at me. Also, as he was in the middle of doing something work related, he came over to help me with a task l was doing, which he hasnt done before. So l would like everyone's honest opinion. Does he like me, possibly intimated by me? Is he waiting for me to ask him out? I definitely get the impression that I'll be the one who has to make the first move. I would appreciate any feedback


Allison Answered:
I think he likes you. if u like him back, ask him doesn't always have to be the man who starts asking
VivaLaRaza777 Answered:
NOT SMART AT ALL – never date a person from work no matter who he is, it can end up bad and than you are stuck at work with a person you will not like or he can make your life miserable at work and collegues at work can start taking sides if you split up. Also the boss might not like you two being pre occupied with eachother at work. JUST DONT, NEVERT DATE PPL from work.. thats coming from a person with much life experience so trust me.. otherwise go for it and find out in due time that I am very correct!!

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