Guru Product Blueprints 2012 Review | Guru Product Blueprints Eben Pagan Eben Pagan has done it again! This ex-bodyguard turned $100 million information publisher and dating advice guru is launching a brand new program in July, 2012 that is called The Guru Product Blueprints. This video is an excerpt from 3 high-content videos (check them out in their entirety at the URL atop this description) he did for his 2010 product launch called Guru Blueprint. That launch sold out back in 2010, and this launch has the same expectation. Folks who participate can expect a complete step-by-step blueprint on how to dominate an online niche, complete with templates taken from ALL of his (highly successful) previous launches. In this video, Eben talks about how he built his online empire, then goes on to discuss trends he sees in marketing that will take us into the future. Some of these trends include * e-book sales are up 71% while physical books are down 15% * information is the "new commodity" of the 21st century * eZine articles is the 130th highest traffic site online * is the 142 highest traffic site online * information is the "new currency" Eben then discusses the benefits of an information business. Did you know that the average college graduate will have 3-5 career changes and 10-14 jobs by age 38? Eben then talks about the 3 areas of life that an information publisher should focus on if one expects to thrive. Good stuff…

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