Grizzly LC Straight & Shout Outs

34 minute video Somewhat of a DDR, Dip Talk, & Shout Outs Twitter: TheOfficial_J.Cツ This is a very long video links for the the video below: ——————————————————————————————————————————- 0:30 to 1:59 – Dip Review 2:00 to 6:20 – Dip Talk 6:21 to 8:20 – Story Time 8:21 to 11:24 – Story Time & Redneck Directions 11:26 to 34:03 – Shout Outs ——————————————————————————————————————————- Shout Outs ——————————————————————————————————————————- PackingBurleys -Good buddy of mine, we are like brothers, he loves some Southern Blend, and a Cope ring in his PFGs. Love you man. My buddy Kolton -Real close friend of mine, we are also like brothers although I wanna break his Adams apple every now and then, it's a sad thing he has to change schools this coming up year would have been sick. Love you man hope your enjoying the video. AlabamaDipper12 -He's from Alabama has some great video's, very funny go and check him out, it's a shame he doesn't like Grizzly though (sad face). Cajuntiger616 -Had some great video's, Everytime I watched his videos I'd sit back and packing a lip and just keep watching more and more videos, he was a pro and I hope he come out of retirement soon. RIP CajunTiger. TundraTiger616 -The new account of CajunTiger, it's <b>…</b>

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