Graham Coxon at HMV Forum Kentish Town – Fans Review On Wednesday 25th April 2012, Graham Coxon performed for fans at the HMV Forum in Camden. At the gig were WinkBall video reporters Laurent and Oliver who were speaking to fans and finding out what had brought them down to the gig and what they loved about Graham and his music. One of the most accomplished guitarists and musicians of his generation, Graham Coxon has inspired a number of youngsters to pick up a guitar and play ever since his Britpop days as part of legendary band Blur. Always seen as the quiet one of the four piece originally from Colchester in contrast to the more extrovert Alex James and outspoken lead singer Damon Albarn; Coxon was seen as the musical engine that drove Blur, what with his hypnotic guitar solos and George Harrison esque presence as lead guitarist. Enjoying both commercial and critical success with Blur, the band had a score of smash hit singles that captured the zeitgeist and optimism of the mid 90s. Songs such as "Parklife", "Boys and Girls", "Country House" and "Song 2" had a real and raw energy to them and are considered classic nostalgia tunes of the 1990s. Despite the presence of Damon Albarn as frontman, all four members of Blur contributed their musical influence to songs and shared song-writing duties. However it is tracks such as "Tender" and "Coffee and TV" where Coxon's influence can be most heard with the band going down a more mature musical route towards the end of the 90s. As Blur slowly came to an end and <b>…</b>

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