Give Your Heart A Break – A Jessica Jarrell Love Story Episode 31

A few weeks later… (Jessica's POV) Diggy and I haven't been on speaking terms since. I never insisted on mending our secret relationship and neither has he. Gail has also been pushing for me to start "dating" since she's clueless of the fact that I've been there and done that but I think maybe her suggestion is a sign for me to move on… Jessica: *walks in room* Hey, Gail… Gail: *on the phone* Yeah? Jessica: Have a minute? Gail: Yup… *hangs up* Jessica: I think I'm going to take your advice and go on a date. Gail: *shocked* With who? Jessica: This guy in my class. He's smart, I guess. Not really my type but I'll give him a shot. Gail: You're smart, so why not? Jessica: I never find myself dating guys JUST like me. Besides, I heard opposites attract Gail: Diggy and I are much alike; A lot in common. Jessica: In which way? Haha, you think he's attracted to you? Gail: Totally… Jessica: Interesting… But shesh, enough with "you and Diggy…" Gail: Fine. What's the guy's name? Jessica: Tyler Gail: So did he ask you out yet? Jessica: Yeah, this weekend. Which is Valentines weekend… Gail: Great! You won't be stuck here bored alone. I had something planned too Jessica: Don't I always be here when you and your "fiancé" go out? Gail: You're right. But I do ask you to go places sometimes. Jessica: I don't like to "go places", especially with you Gail. Gail: You're just boring. That's all Jessica: No. I just know my priorities. Gail: Whatever. *goes back on phone <b>…</b>

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