Girls: What is she thinking, and how do I fix us? So awkward…?

Asked: Girls: What is she thinking, and how do I fix us? So awkward…?

Sorry it's long. I just need some good advice. What's going on?

Early freshmen year I fell for the first girl. First girl I ever fell for.
I was insecure, and because of that, I ignored her right after telling her I liked her (it was mutual) a year and a half ago, and she resented me for months afterwards. After a few months, I couldn't take it, and told her I really did like her but she [nicely, but without hesitating] turned me down.

Since then her feelings came back but I don't want to date her anymore. Our relationship is not what it once was, and I want friendship now. We sit i lectures together without a word (always sit side by side), and she keeps glancing/staring and sighing at me.

I'm lost and tired of this. I sit with her and never say a word to her or her to me. Just an awkward smile or hi, she'll glance at me a lot or ignore me daily, and then we part ways. I don't see her outside of our classes together anymore.

It was like this last semester for awhile too. She can't possibly still like me though right? It's been awkward since summer. I'm even doubting myself if I like her or the idea, because it's been so long since I had her to myself and we talked about whatever…

So why does she treat me so weird then with all these stares and stuff? Because she wants friendship? If I just sat elsewhere in class, we would probably never interact ever again besides random coincidence, but she would just find me in the room anyway and glance away.

I can't think of anything to say to her in class. It was never this hard. We've had awkward stints, but they usually just ended randomly and we would talk a lot again. It isn't happening this time. We're still friendly…


never tell someone your attracted to them until youre actually together, SHOW THEM youre attracted and dont be such a weirdo
Ok here is what I think:
After she turned you down, she started having feelings for you because she saw what she was missing. Unfortunately for her, you stopped because as a normal human, you forgave and forget. Anyways, she is probably intrested in you still. If you don't feel the same, I suggest you tell her NICELY AS POSSIBLE. Girls can be vicious so handle with caution icon smile Girls: What is she thinking, and how do I fix us? So awkward...? good luck!
maybe she feels bad about the whole thing
plus doesn't sound like u guys have much chemistry together. I mean, u can barely talk to each other without being awkward
If you like her then try harder, ask her to hangout, talk about things in common ask her what she would like to talk about or just watch a movie. If you don't like her then just tell her. Its not nice to string her along. The sighs and glances tell me she wants something more and still likes you. but you will never know unless you talk to her.

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