girls i need your help or advice please help 10 points?

Asked: girls i need your help or advice please help 10 points?

am an 18 year old guy. i never dated, had a girlfriend, or kissed a girl. i don't feel bad for myself because i know other people have it worse. i don't have any legs and i sit in a wheel chair. back in high school people made fun of me because i had no legs. i mean it was hard on me because they did this every single day and i couldn't say anything. i remember when day i cried, however that's is when i met this girl. am not gonna say she is popular but she is social and has a lot of friends. she is a really nice person and she came up to me when i was crying to see if i was alright but i didn't want to talk. after a day i went to tell her that i was alright. so after a while we started to hang out and we became friends but i felt like she liked me and i had the same feeling. but i mean am not a selfish person and i don't want her to lose her friends just because she wants to be with me. i feel like am useless i just want her to be happy. you know go to college find a husband that can support her, i can't do anything for her i can't even walk.

my heart tells me to stay with her but my mind is telling me to leave her for the better before she falls in love with me and then ends up with a broken heart.


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