Getting closer to him …?

Hayle Ann Asked: Getting closer to him …?

Last January I last saw my ex after dating for a year and then going back and forth for another
His last words to me while being intimate were I love you!
I was seeing someone at this time and wasn't sure what was good for me and I told him that it was a mistake to have said that
He refused to talk to me from that point forward
5 months later he got engaged to a young girl who works as an receptionist at his gym
Its been exactly a year since Ive seen him
Recently his best friend has been contacting me and asking me to hang out.
My question is…could I use his best friend in order to regain contact and possibly get back on good terms with me ex. I don't mean use him sexually I mean as a doorway to him
does anyone have good specific advice how?


Ashley Answered:
It probably wasn't a good idea to tell him that his love for you was a mistake icon sad Getting closer to him ...? But everyone makes mistakes, so tell him that!
And yes, by all means use his best friend to get closer. (not USE him use him though. That'd be horrible) You could hang out with him and then arrange for a meeting eventually. I really hope that your guys' relationship isn't over. But if he's engaged you should probably consider moving on.
Mairu Answered:
I don't really think you should try getting with him again if he's engaged.. I mean he's obviously found someone he's happy with and wants to marry so you should just let it go. No offense it's just the better thing to do in your situation. You also have to rethink to what made you two break up and why. Everything happens for a reason just remember that.
alex Answered:
if he's engaged leave him alone.
Jade Answered:
NO you should not use his friend to get closer to him you should try going to see him at work or text or call him because using would just make matters worse. HE IS ENGAGED!

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