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Get laid tonight – Are you trying to use the Internet dating sites to get laid tonight? If so you may have run into some roadblocks and aren't meeting as many women as you like online. If this is your case then read on. The reality of trying to get laid off the Internet is mainly a numbers game. It all works off law of averages as well as the laws of attraction. No I'm not talking physical attraction although it does help to present yourself the best if you're looking to pull some "strange" off the Internet. The god news is while women are superficial, they aren't as superficial as us men are. If you think about it and have read enough womens online dating profiles, you will notice most have 1 thing in common. Are you thinking? Has it hit you yet what most women are looking for… Well besides the "nice guy"it's a guy who's funny. Is it hitting you now that you've read countless times on profiles a girl wants a guy who's funny? Or someone who loves to laugh? It's kind of ridiculous but really does anyone enjoy sitting around with a frown on their face all day long? I know I sure as heck don't. So do you need to be hilarious funny to get laid online ? The simple answer is no. You don't need to be Dane Cook funny to meet girls. Ok that was kind of a joke in itself, especially if you're not much of a Dane Cook fan like me. But in reality you don't want to try hard to be funny but just be playful. Some guys get into the whole funny thing to get laid on the <b>…</b>

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