Funny Things To Text A Girl You Like

CLICK HERE: to get a FREE Text Game Secrets report and learn things about texting girls that most guys will never know. Hey this is Johnathan M. here with another "Text Game Tip" and in this video, I'm going to give you some funny things to text a girl you like. So I'm going to give you a few lines that have been tested and proven to work that you can use. I didn't come up with all of these lines. In fact I've learned it from other people. But I do use them myself and I can attest that they do work. OK, here we go: Line 1: "Hey cutie so random meeting you just now….are you always so friendly to strangers?" (This one I learned from Adam Lyons (also known as AFC Adams) and it works great for girl you meet during the day. Just be sure to text her this about 10 minutes after you met her.) Line 2: "Are you textually active?….bc I'm thinking about making you my new text partner haha" (This is a little cute and funny to ask her if she texts but it's also kind of random and it shows you have a sense of humor. It works better if you guys already have a playful dynamic going on) Line 3: "Hey it's [your name] I've decided to make you my new texting buddy….congrats icon wink Funny Things To Text A Girl You Like " (This one goes back the old school David DeAngelo. You're pretty much going for the whole cocky-funny vibe. It complient her but also show that you're a bit of a challenge. The smile face at the end balances it out and make sure that it stays light.) Alright so that's 3 really <b>…</b>

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