Freshmen in college and never kissed a girl in my life?

Asked: Freshmen in college and never kissed a girl in my life?

I'm 18 years old, I live in a college dorm (single room) and I get out a lot and I did in high school

The thing is I NEVER had a girlfriend or kissed a girl, every time I talk to a girl she just keeps walking, and when I try to befriend she keeps it like that, friends, and I'm really getting sick of it

I don't care about sex or what she wears or anything, I want somebody that I can get along great with and have a lot fun like taking drives and going to movies and stuff, all around me my whole life I see all these happy couples and I don't know why im cursed to be alone for all this time

I'm starting to feel like im not worth anything, I'm a confident person and nobody knows I feels this way so confidence isn't a problem..

I'm 6'3, 175 pounds

I went Varsity all four years in football my freshmen and started all those years as well

I'm a Martial Artist, I do Southen Dragon Style Kung Fu and Tai Chi

I graduated with a 3.0 in high school

All of my friends tell me that its all gonna come with time and crap, they've all had girlfriends so its hard for them to talk, they even said it themselves

I feel really lonely, I've been watching a youtube channel called Simple Pickup buts its hard to talk to girls the way they do without them walking past me without a word

How can I get a girl to notice me, or get a girl in general so I can stop feeling this way..


You sound like a sweetheart – but as a woman who is much older than you, and has known plenty of guys very similar to you, let me point out your fault right now.

You try to make friends of women – and they keep it that way.
Let them know sooner that you are interested.

They probably figure that is all you want unless you make your intent known.

lower your standards and find somone that likes the se stuff you do , try going to social events and having your friends introduce you to some female friends they know
"Sigh" moving on
Honey its nothing to be worried about i mean i have never kissed a guy either and im 15 and i know what your thinking your only 15 you know nothing im 3 years older its so much worse
I always see guys make friends with them and bam there friend zoned FOREVER and i feel cursed too but i mean i just have to get over myself and get out there. i am not saying this to be rude either im just saying i know that its a cliche but you know my time will come and so will yours. we are still young there's plenty of time for all that anyway.
Your not fat or ugly or anything you hve nothing to worry about you just havent found the right person and i know i sound like ******* kathrine heigl walking straight out of a rom com but its true. you sound really nice and someone will show up no worries
I hope i helped
make friends, and join clubs, frats at college and go to meeting and activities with them and introduce yourself to people and get to know them. learn how to talk to girls. don't be shy. ask them out, the worse thing she will say no. move on. meets people and hang out with them. increase your circle of friends, and be happy. hopefully your fate will change.

overall, i advise you to study a lot and practices and rehearse. pick a good major and stay focus and get 4.0 for that major. this is more important that vagina. i am sure that will come sometime but don't let that overtake you and ruin your first college year and even second years. you can't get that back if you screw it up.

don't ruin your college years for just sex man, you may end up dropping out. you may get the sex but you will regret for screwing up your college years. doesn't matter who is paying for your tuitions it is still money being spend to the school. good luck man.

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