Fist of the North Star 2 E3 2012 Trailer [HD]

More E3 Trailers Subscribe! Follow Us On Twitter Become a Real Fan Prepare for the merciless action and brutal hand-to-hand combat of FIST OF THE NORTH STAR: KEN'S RAGE. Put your martial arts skills to the test against masses of bloodthirsty enemies in this no-holds-barred action brawler ripped from the pages of the popular manga classic. A ravaged Earth struggles to survive after a nuclear holocaust has left the world in ruins. Survivors band together in communities and villages, living off what little resources remain. In the wastelands beyond, vicious gangs prey on the survivors for their resources, or sometimes merely for sport. A mysterious martial artist named Ken, a man with seven scars on his chest and the chosen successor of the legendary assassin's art Hokuto Shinken (北斗神拳, The Divine Fist of the North Star) has sworn to protect the weak and innocent from the malicious gangs roaming the scorched planet. FEATURES Interactive Mayhem: In the hugely interactive environments players can smash or pummel their enemies into different objects and buildings as well as pick up objects to maim and obliterate groups of malicious gangs. Massive Battles: Face dozens of enemies at once – String combos and attacks to perform unstoppable killing moves. Power up and unleash furious Hokuto Shinken special attacks to crush everything in your path, from enemies to obstacles. Devastating Arsenal: Execute blistering finishing <b>…</b>

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