First date with new boyfriend? advice?

Asked: First date with new boyfriend? advice?

I've known my boyfriend for about 5 months now and we've been quite close.. And the other day he asked me to be his girlfriend (via text, I know it's not the best but these were special circumstances..) but I can't see him over half term because he's in France. We text everyday, he texts me in the morning and then we always text for ages at night. But on Sunday I'm meeting him for the first time as my boyfriend (and also the first time out of school) but I don't know how to greet him- do I greet him as a friend or do I hug him or what? I'm so confused.. He's my first boyfriend and I'm his first girlfriend. Also how do we act when we go back to school? He's quite shy, and denied liking me for ages because his mates teased him. Any ideas? How can I make it not awkward etc!?
We're both 14/15 by the way..


stop being a boneless ball bag and punch him in the chin.
Treat him as a normal friend, let him make the first move if you are nervous. If you are scared greet him as a friend. Be totally normal at school, that will make it less awkward, don't go up to him in front of his mates and hug him or whatever, just treat him in a friendly way. Still stay with your normal crowd of friends. Hope this helps and you enjoy your date.

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