first boyfriend advice?

Elyse Asked: first boyfriend advice?

I just started dating my crush two weeks ago but it seems that i do everything… i'm the one that told him that i like him …. i'm the one that walks to his house to hang out…. i'm the one that hugs him or touches him.
*we haven't kissed yet


Jenn Answered:
He may be scared ? you should not have to do everything though. You are his girl!!! lol tell him how you feel, do not let him push you around honey. Stand up for yourself icon smile first boyfriend advice?
Kelsey Answered:
sounds like he's just nervous. if he really likes you, just give him time to warm up to you, and I'm sure everything will work out fine icon smile first boyfriend advice?
it also depends on how old you are too. guys are normally really shy up until they're about 16/17, they make you make all the moves. just don't act too desperate, and talk to him about how you're feeling, things will work out the way god planned them to go. icon smile first boyfriend advice?

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