Finding it so hard to get over this guy? Please any advice at all?

Asked: Finding it so hard to get over this guy? Please any advice at all?

I met this guy 2 months ago, he asked me out and we hung out for the first month, 3 times a week plus talked loads by skype in between.We hugged tons and even shared his bed a few times..just hugging, no kisses as we were taking things slowly.He was always saying stuff like 'You're my next girlfriend!You're a beautiful woman' (even in front of friends). I asked was he joking about the girlfriend thing (the last night we were together…that was 3 weeks ago) and he said 'We're getting to know each other. Let things take their course, what do you want?.I said 'maybe? I'm just worried about the age difference (as I'm' a bit older)' and he replied 'I've no problem with that, if 2 people love each's fine'. When saying bye he said 'Call me and we'll go for a swim'.
Here's the strange thing, I send a couple of texts since and he either didn't respond or he cancelled a meeting we fixed. Then last week he contacted me by skype and I asked if he was avoiding me and he said 'Nooooo! I'm just really busy' (he works in filming).So I said 'ok, in a break you get, we'll talk, ya owe me a visit!' He said 'Yesssssss! bye beautifulxx'.

And I haven't heard from him since.I'm so disappointed and can't get him out of my mind.I've fallen for him but feel he's not into me or he would have been back to me or am I too hasty to judge?What should I do?I accepted a date from another guy last night and even though he was lovely and asked to see me again as I'm so into the other one.Any advice please?


I know what you are going thru.It is so tough to get over someone but you will be able to over time.
do you drink? if no, start. if yes, drink more.

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