Feeling like i found a great girl too soon?

David Asked: Feeling like i found a great girl too soon?

After getting out of a really bad relationship I planned on not dating again for several years (only 17 when i got out of it). The relationship was really bad because the girl became suicidal, and i had to drive her to the hospital several times. She literally told me "if you're leaving me, just push the knife in as you walk away." I felt so trapped, as well as responsible for this girls life until finally i decided that i wasnt going to deal with it anymore. Also she stopped taking her birth control without telling me and got pregnant, which she soon miscarried. Finally i left for good, and I had a lot of fun being single for the next two years and planned on enjoying single life until i was at least 22 or 23. One night though (I'm 19 now), i hooked up with this girl who i really started to like once i got to know her. after a few months if only seeing her i practically had to force myself to ask her to be my girlfriend. This girl is definitely perfect for me, she's funny, beautiful, lets me be myself, incredibly trusting, treats me exactly how i want to be treated, literally everything i could ever ask of in a girl. Guys come up to me constantly telling me how lucky i am to be with her. My problem is that i didn't plan on dating her, and i still feel like i want to get out there and have fun being single, but at the same time i don't want to lose this girl.I find myself trying to find flaws in her, even things such as guys she's been with in the past not being classy, and other things that i know are total BS and should be left in the past. She knows some of the flaws in my past and doesn't ever mention them, and when i'm feeling down about them she does nothing but try to cheer me up, but i constantly feel like i'm trying to sabotage our relationship because i'm either scared of a repeat or i just cant accept the fact that i've met a girl as perfect for me as her already. Really I just would appreciate any advice on what i can do to convince myself to enjoy how happy i am with her instead of thinking about how many other girls i could be with instead.


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